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Start a journey of discovery by mastering the Power Athlete Methodology.

The curriculum includes the training principals and practical approach necessary to developing strength, speed and power in your athletes.

This methodology has been developed by 10-year NFL veteran John Welbourn and his staff over the course of 12+ years working with thousands of coaches and athletes around the globe. Level up your knowledge and increase your skill set by implementing the Power Athlete principles with your athletes.


"This course is outstanding. Anyone who takes this course will get solid information to help them gain knowledge and build context for other things that may come your way in the future. The info is very digestible, but by no means is watered down. "

- Bryan Mann, PhD, CSCS, SCCC

"The Methodology course is everything I believe in and everything coaches & athletes TRULY need to achieve Success. After training for 30 years and coaching for 20+ years, I am STILL learning and stand behind what The Power Athlete Crew is teaching here 100%."

- Zach Even-Esh, M.A, Health Education
Owner & Founder of The Underground Strength Gym

"I am a big fan of the Power Athlete Methodology. First and foremost you must understand Strength and Conditioning principles, but once you do finding a methodology that you believe in is the next step. The team at Power Athlete has done the heavy lifting for you and researched thousands of systems around the globe to provide your clients with a successful framework to help them succeed. Whether you are just starting your own business or you are a seasoned coach I recommend the Power Athlete Methodology - Level One course."

- Ron McKeefery, M.A, MSCC, CSCS*D, RSCC*E
2x Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coach of the Year
Vice President of Performance & Education - PLAE

"If you want to take your training to the next level, the Level One course will be a difference maker for you! Having had the opportunity to watch and observe the staff up close, the quality of coaching and content from the Power Athlete coaches network is world class. I would definitely recommend it!"

- Donnie Maib, MSCC, SCCC
Division I Strength & Conditioning Coach


John Welbourn
John Welbourn

Meet John Welbourn, Power Athlete Founder and CEO

"In my NFL career I worked with some crappy coaches and a few greats. If you want to be great, listen to me."

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Section 1 - What is Athleticism?

1.1: Defining Athleticism
1.2: Primal Movement Patterns and Axes of Rotation
1.3: Seamless and Effortless
1.4 Movement through Space
1.5 To Accomplish Known or Novel Tasks

Section 2 - Building the Power Athlete

2.1 Building the Power Athlete
2.2 Principle Based Coaching
2.3 Programming Principles
2.4 Coaching Principles
2.5 3P's of Coaching

Section 3 - Teaching Movement

3.1 Teaching Movement
3.2 Movement Feedback Loop
3.3 Universal Athletic Position

Section 4 - Coaching Movement

4.1 Why We Lift Weights?
4.2 Coaching Movement
4.3 Coach's Eye
4.4 Athlete 3P's

Section 5 - Masters of Movement

5.1 Primal Squat
5.2 Primal Lunge
5.3 Primal Step Up
5.4 Primal Vertical Push
5.5 Primal Horizontal and Vertical Pull
5.6 Primal Horizontal Push

Section 6 - Life Cycle of an Athlete

6.1 Unlocking Athletic Potential

Section 7 - Athletic Performance Traits

7.1 What is Strength?
7.2 Force Reduction
7.3 Force Production
7.4 Compensatory Acceleration
7.5 Speed 101
7.6 Speed Positioning
7.7 Speed Patterning
7.8 Speed Programming

Section 8 - Nutrition and Recover

8.1 Nutrition 101
8.2 What to Eat?
8.3 How Much?
8.4 Cooldown and Recovery

Section 9 - Programming

9.1 Bedrock Programming
9.2 Bedrock Progression
9.3 Rep and Adaptations
9.4 The Novice Window
9.5 Bedrock Resets
9.6 Base Level of Strength


This course has been approved for 1.5 CEU’s
All participants that are NSCA members will receive documentation verifying their completion of each activity for their CEU File.

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When does the Power Athlete Methodology course start and finish?

Students can enroll at any time and will have access to course content for 12 months for their scheduled start date.

How long will it take me to complete the course?

This course is designed for you to complete at your own pace, and total time depends on your learning style and availability. You will be signing up for 5+ hours of video lecture, a quiz for each lesson, a 30 question final exam, and ~45,000 words of reading. Each video lecture ranges from 2 min to 60 min, the readings vary from 400-2000 words, and quizzes are between three and eight questions. If you put in four to eight hours a week you are looking at a three to four month commitment .

How can I communicate with my instructor and other students in my class?

Each lesson allows students to leave questions or comments for the course instructors and engagement among other students specific to each topic is highly encouraged.

Are there, like, test and quizzes and stuff?

Yep. There are multiple-choice quizzes to test the key takeaways and the course concludes with a multiple choice final exam. For those looking to apply to be a Power Athlete Coach, you must score a 70% or better overall grade for the course to be eligible. Each lesson has a submission form for notes that must also be completed. These notes will not only aid in your absorption of the material, they'll also demonstrate aptitude and ability to advance in the Power Athlete Coach development process.

Sh*t, I didn't pass, can I get a do over?

Contact your instructor to further discuss retesting.

Is the course mobile and tablet friendly?

Yep. All Power Athlete Academy courses are fully responsive, and can be accessed on any of the devices that you own.

What am I getting into here; is this course for coaches only?

Nope. This course is for anyone who wants to reap the greatest gains from their time spent training. Learn what matters, and when to apply it so you stop wasting your time.

Do I have to apply to be a Certified Power Athlete Coach?

No, application to join the Power Athlete Coach's program is not required. As stated above, this course is open to anyone who wants to be a better coach or athlete, or wants a firm grasp on strength and conditioning. However, it is strongly encouraged to join the team!

Does the Power Athlete Methodology only apply to sport athletes?

The Power Athlete Methodology is universally applicable. It doesn't matter if you are a 10 year NFL Pro like John Welbourn, a rec league MVP, a sprinter, baller hurdler, wrestler, surfer, lifter, drifter or soldier. Or a chump stuck behind a desk wanting to change their life. True empowerment stems from unlocking your athletic potential; and the Level One course provides you the knowledge to make that happen.

What secret lifts and percentages are we going to learn?

None. They don't exist. And we will tell you exactly why that is. We've scoured through strength and conditioning textbooks, interviewed coaches and scientists, and experimented with everything we've learned to develop the Power Athlete Methodology. This course is the first step to understanding our findings without having to dig through it all yourself. You're welcome.

Can I share my login info with my spouse, partner, coaches, kids, pets or priest?

No. Absolutely not cool. Log in information and course content is restricted to one user per account. If you are found out, you will be blacklisted from all future Power Athlete courses and events, and will be denied current and future application as a Power Athlete Coach or Facility.

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