Dr. Z's Back Health Course

Stop living in pain, take movement back!


Stop living in pain, take movement back! Rebuild confidence and strength in your back through movement.

The Back Health Course is designed to help you effectively solve your complex low back pain problem through self-assessment, movement solutions, and strength training.

Many of you have probably tweaked your back lifting weights, helping a friend move, or just slept wrong (anyone over 30, am I right?). As a result, you’ve likely experienced some level of pain which served as a protective mechanism. The doc told you needed to do was rest a little and everything would get better….until it didn’t.

Time to understand your pain and take your movement back!

The Back Health Course is for anyone wanting to improve their back pain and start moving and lifting better. You will learn to perform self-assessments and training solutions to correct your limitations. Dr. Matt Zanis will guide you through how the brain perceives pain and trauma to understand the problems you are facing. From there he will lead you through the movements and exercises he has used with his top tier athletes to eliminate back pain and restore strength in his clients.

The course can be accessed on multiple devices such as tablets, desktops or your phone with ease of access.

This course will include over 60 minutes of video instruction laid out in a simple and easy to follow format and help you identify the limitation in your back, eliminate back pain, and restore the foundation of your movement patterns.

Your Instructor

Dr. Matt Zanis
Dr. Matt Zanis

Dr. Matthew Zanis, owner of Rooted in MVMNT, is a human movement and vitality expert. Dr Zanis attained his bachelor’s in athletic training from the university of Pittsburgh and doctorate in physical therapy from Duke University. He is a strength and conditioning coach, orthopedic specialist, and fellowship trained in manual therapy. Dr. Zanis works with a broad demographic from Olympians to Navy Special Warfare and everyone in between. His vision is to create an awareness of new ways of working with the human body in rehabilitation, performance, and coaching circles, and bring that alive for strength and conditioning and rehabilitation professionals alike through a philosophy that is rooted in movement.

Rehabilitation and training for performance are one in the same. They may fall on different ends of the spectrum of athleticism, but the process of progression is identical. Rehabilitation is simply training in the presence of pain or discomfort. It’s about understanding your weaknesses, learning how to move your body well, and building capacity and durability with progressive overload to handle whatever life throws at you.


Section 1 - Everything You Need to Know About Pain & Your Low Back

1.1: Introduction
1.2: Why Do I Hurt?
1.3: The Trauma Cycle
1.4: Spinal Movement
1.5: Foot Position

Section 2 - Myths Surrounding the Low Back

2.1: The Neutral Spine
2.2: Diagnostic Imaging and Adjustments

Section 3 - Back Pain Self-Assessments

3.1: Supine Pressure Assessment
3.2: Side Pillar Assessment
3.3: Dead Bug Assessment
3.4: Bird Dog Assessment
3.5: Spinal Wave Assessment

Section 4 - Fixing Your Back

4.1: Spinal Breathing
4.2: Bodyweight Movement Re-Education
4.3: Loaded Movement Series
4.4: Dr. Z's Final Thoughts

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
Is the course mobile and tablet friendly?
Yep. All Power Athlete Academy courses are fully responsive, and can be accessed on any of the devices that you own.
Who should take this course?
If you find yourself experiencing recurrent episodes of low back pain, you need this course! 9/10 people, including hardcore gym bros, athletes, and weekend warriors, report back pain each year. If you are looking to eliminate pain, strengthen your back, and improve mobility, this course is for you!
Will this course help fix my back pain?
Yes! Pain is multifactorial, and this course addresses many of the variables related to low back pain, including explaining pain itself, and giving you the tools necessary to self-asses and discover your own unique limiting factors.
Will this help with SIJ (sacroiliac joint) pain?
Yes! SIJ pain is related to over reliance of passive structures of the pelvis for stability. This program will give you the movement tools to build strength in your hips and greater control of your lumbar spine and allow the ligaments around the SIJ to “take a load off.”
Will this course help with disc or nerve related pain?
Yes! 80-90% of individuals who receive a diagnostic image showing a disc problem (protrusion herniation, degenerative disc disease) are completely pain free. They are the direct result of lifestyle choice and environmental factors, including our athletic background and 90% of the time are NOT the direct cause of back pain. This course will give you actionable steps and strategies to reduce back pain through movement and lifestyle modification.
Will this help with my squat and deadlift?
Absolutely! Discovering your unique limiting factors through self-assessment and implementation of specific movement strategies will enhance trunk stability, opening up your hips, and allowing for more efficient and economical movement patterns. This will allow you to build tissue resiliency in the squat and deadlift patterns to break through plateaus and hit new PRs!
How much time do I need to spend on the movements to see results?
Best results will be seen when attacking these movements 3-4 times a week. Each session will take you around 20-30 minutes.
Can I incorporate this program into my other training programs?
Yes! These movements are great to throw in as a dynamic warm up prior to any of your scheduled sessions.
Are there any associated CEU’s with this course?
There are no associated continuing education units with this course.

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