2017 Symposium Practical Pack

Ingrid Marcum, Raph Ruiz, and Tex McQuilkin

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Symposium Practical Pack

2017 Power Athlete Symposium Recap

This course includes three practical sessions from the 2017 Power Athlete Symposium.

What's Included
HD Video sessions from Ingrid Marcum, Raph Ruiz, and Tex McQuilkin

A select group of 2017 Symposium attendees took a bus to Power Athlete Ranch to be lead through practical sessions by Ingrid Marcum, Raph Ruiz, and Power Athlete's Director of Training and Education Tex McQuilkin.

Ingrid Marcum [@theironvalkyrie] has achieved some of the highest athletic accomplishments; but not without hardship from injury. In overcoming the challenges of reaching pinnacle performance she has armed herself with a wealth of knowledge on empowering performance. Her practical session includes a ground up tear down of your movement. When it comes to posture and position, most athletes think they know what's going on with their body; but often times they have no idea. Ingrid gives you some off the shelf tools to find optimal posture, position, and alignment for optimal performance for you and/or your athletes.

Raph Ruiz [@raphruizhero] is John's former strength coach and is a major influencer on the Power Athlete Methodology. His approach to unlocking athletic potential is an artform like none other. Strap yourself in as Raph shares his thoughts on the responsibility of being a coach. Are you confusing activity for achievement? Are your sets and reps simply triggering a "training response" or are you creating "habits"? Learn the difference to each approach and what the tradeoffs are with Raph's practical session.

Tex McQuilkin [@mcquilkin] is Power Athlete's Director of Training & Education. He takes the Symposium crew through movement prep to go fast. Learn about Primal Movements, Posture & Position, and Prudency through this practical warm up. Tex demonstrates how to weave these three Power Athlete concepts to create a warm up.

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